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Limited Services Representation; what is it?

In today's financial climate the cost of everything matters, and that includes legal services and representation. One of the best ways to limit or even cut your legal costs is to enter into a "limited services" agreement with the firm or attorney who you hire to assist you with your legal matter. Please note; not all law firms or attorney's offer limited service arraignments.

By definition a limited service representation is just that. For example; having your divorce paperwork prepared by an attorney and then going forward with filing your case on your own and representing yourself the rest of the way, is limited service representation. Or, maybe you prepared your paper work on your own, but you want an attorney to represent you for your final divorce hearing... this to would be limited service representation. You can choose how much assistance you want!

At the Law Office of Kairi Kamilah Lynch Esq PC we have found that offering limited service representation has been a great way to assist our clients at a price point that they can afford.

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